Rendering 3D in Software - Projection

Nov 3, 2016
Discussing the concepts of projection.

Go's true can be false

Oct 29, 2016
It turns out that you can override Go's true constant as well as others.

Rendering 3D in Software - 01 - Pixels

Oct 19, 2016
A first of a series of blog posts on 3D rendering in software.

Secret OS X Volume Level

Oct 15, 2016
A way to set your OS X volume level to a lower value than normally possible.

Beware of Go's Interfaces

Oct 15, 2016
Something very important to have in mind when working with Go's interfaces.

Brick Destroyer

Oct 14, 2016
An old game of mine that makes use of the ECS design.

Mandelbrot Set

Oct 9, 2016
An old project of mine that visualizes the Mandelbrot Set.